CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 24 Key 110v



Enhance beverage service with the CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 24 Key 110V. It offers dual tanks, 24 keys for customization, and a compact, efficient design.

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    Unleashing Liquid Delight: CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 24 Key 220V

    A Symphony in Sweetness

    Ahoy, taste pioneers! Embark upon the grand odyssey of liquid delight with the resplendent CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 24 Key 220V. Certified with CE’s seal, this device isn’t just a machine but an orchestra of flavors waiting to be conducted.

    Double the Adventure, Double the Pleasure

    Ever dreamt of a canvas that dances with dueling fructose or syrups? Behold! Its dual tanks don’t just trumpet a staggering storage for the relentless waves of thirst but bring forth the possibility of juggling contrasting sweet nectars. Drench your clientele in a cascade of sugary symphonies, keeping them ever-guessing, always enchanted.

    The Artist’s Keypad: 24 Magic Buttons

    Dabble in alchemy with 24 programmable touchpoints. One press, and the potion changes. The keys – your baton, wield them to compose the perfect potion, ensuring the tonality remains pristine, sip after sip. Even during the most frenetic, bustling hours, be the maestro of both time and taste.

    Technical Ballet – Specs and Dimensions:

    • Dainty Yet Dynamic: Dimensions – W: 14″ x D: 9 13/16″ x H: 16 5/16″
    • Generous Spirit: Dual Tank Capacity for endless pours.
    • Precision Every Pour: Dispense in harmonious 1 ml crescendos.
    • Voltage Virtuoso: Tailored for a 220V pulse.

    Mastering The Delicate Dance

    The CE Fructose Machine doesn’t merely occupy space; it commands the stage, an aria in compact design with prowess echoing in its features. Its 220V heartbeat renders it versatile for many an ensemble, while the precise 1 ml notes orchestrate your beverages’ sweet symphony.

    An Encore of Noteworthy Points

    Eager patrons and aficionados, remember: this maestro, due to its allure, often finds itself in high demand. Check with us, ensuring its encore aligns with your act’s curtain rise. Remember, such star performers, once committed, may resist any retreat.

    Culminating Note

    In the theater of thirst-quenchers, the CE Fructose Dispenser Double Tank 24 Key 220V stands as a virtuoso. When artistry marries technology, the opus crafted isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience, a story, a sonnet. Seize it and serenade every soul that steps into your realm.


    White, Black, Customize Color

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      Lester Collier

      As a coffee shop owner, I’m always seeking innovative ways to enhance our customers’ experience and to streamline our operations. Our latest investment, the Yucoo double tank fructose machine, has been nothing short of transformative.

      This CE certified fructose dispenser’s double tank system has revolutionized our beverage service. It enables us to use two different types of fructose or syrup simultaneously. This has opened up an exciting world of flavor combinations and has allowed us to create a unique and diverse menu that sets us apart from the competition.

      The 24 programmable keys have taken customization to a whole new level. We can now tailor the sweetness of each beverage with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring consistent taste across all servings. This feature has been a huge hit with our customers who appreciate the consistent quality of our drinks.

      Despite its impressive capabilities, the machine is compact and has easily integrated into our existing counter setup. It operates on a 110V power supply and dispenses in 1 ml increments, which makes it both user-friendly and precise.

      Since introducing the Yucoo double tank fructose machine, our service speed has improved, and we’ve received glowing feedback from customers about the enhanced consistency and expanded range of our drinks. In the competitive world of coffee shops, this machine has given us a distinct edge. It’s not just a fructose dispenser – it’s a key ingredient in our recipe for success.

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