CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 220v


Boost your beverage service with our CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 220V. Versatility, precision, and efficiency in one package!

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    Discover the power and versatility of the CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 220V. This CE certified fructose dispenser is designed to offer consistent, high-quality performance, meeting the stringent safety standards of the CE certification.

    The double tank feature of this machine sets it apart. It provides ample capacity for high-volume service and the ability to use different types of fructose or syrup simultaneously. This makes it a powerful tool for crafting a diverse range of beverages and catering to various taste preferences.

    With 16 programmable keys, this machine offers simplicity and efficiency in your beverage preparation process. Set exact fructose volumes for each key, ensuring a consistent taste across all servings. This feature can be a great asset during busy periods, enabling you to maintain a high service speed without compromising the quality of your beverages.

    The CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 220V is designed to maximize counter space despite its advanced features. It operates on a 220V power supply, making it ideal for locations with this voltage availability. The machine dispenses in 1 ml increments, providing a user-friendly experience and precise control over your beverage sweetness.

    Overall Dimensions: Width: 14″ Depth: 9 13/16″ Height: 16 5/16″ Capacity: Double Tank

    Due to the specialized nature of this product, availability and transit times may vary. Please contact us prior to placing your order to ensure it fits your timeline and needs. Also, be aware that this item may not be cancellable or returnable once ordered.

    The CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 220V is a smart choice for any food service establishment looking to enhance their beverage offerings. Its dual tank feature, precision dispensing, and space-efficient design make it a true powerhouse in the realm of beverage preparation.


    White, Black, Customize Color

    2 reviews for CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 220v

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      Karla Greene

      As the owner of a busy bubble tea shop, the CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 220V has been a revelation. The double tank system is ingenious, allowing us to diversify our menu with different types of fructose and syrup. This has led to an explosion of creativity in our drink offerings, and our customers are thrilled with the new options. The programmable keys are a lifesaver during the lunch rush, ensuring consistent sweetness and speeding up our service. Despite its powerful features, the machine is surprisingly compact, fitting easily into our service counter. It has truly been a game-changer for our business.

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      Nettie Underwood

      Our experience with the Yucoo fructose machine has been nothing short of phenomenal. We run a popular cafĂ© and were looking for a fructose dispenser that could handle high volumes and offer great customization. This machine delivers on both fronts. The double tank feature is fantastic – we can use two types of syrup simultaneously, which has opened up a world of flavor possibilities. The 16 programmable keys allow for precise control over the sweetness, ensuring a consistent taste for all our beverages. It’s easy to operate and clean, and its compact design is a bonus in our crowded kitchen. Our customers have noticed the improved consistency, and we’ve received so many compliments. This machine has been a real boon to our business.

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