CE Fructose Machine 16 Key 220v


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Improve your beverages with the CE Fructose Machine 16 Key 220V. Its 16 keys offer precise sweetness control, in a compact, efficient design for high-traffic service.

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    Discover the power and precision of the CE Fructose Machine 16 Key 220V. This fructose dispenser is CE certified, ensuring it complies with rigorous safety and performance standards.

    Equipped with 16 programmable keys, this machine provides ample customization for your beverage service. Each key can be programmed to dispense a specific volume of fructose, ensuring consistent sweetness across a variety of drinks. This feature is particularly beneficial during high-traffic periods, allowing you to maintain a swift service pace without compromising the quality of your beverages.

    Despite its robust capabilities, the CE Fructose Machine 16 Key 220V is designed to be compact and space-efficient. It operates on a 220V power supply, making it a flexible choice for a range of service environments. The machine dispenses in 1 ml increments, ensuring a user-friendly experience and accurate control over your beverage sweetness.

    Overall Dimensions: Width: 14″ Depth: 9 13/16″ Height: 16 5/16″

    Due to the specialized nature of this product, availability and transit times may vary. Please contact us prior to placing your order to confirm delivery timelines and stock availability. Also, keep in mind that this item may not be cancellable or returnable once ordered.

    The CE Fructose Machine 16 Key 220V is an excellent tool for any food service establishment aiming for consistent, high-quality beverage service. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly operation, and compact design make it a practical and valuable addition to your business.


    White, Black, Customize Color

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      Marian Jenkins

      As the manager of a bustling hotel renowned for its exceptional service, I’m always on the lookout for equipment that can enhance our guests’ experience. Our recent addition, the CE Fructose Machine 16 Key 220V, has far exceeded our expectations.

      This CE certified fructose dispenser has seamlessly integrated into our busy hospitality environment. It’s sleek, compact design and 220V power requirement made it a breeze to install in our service areas without disrupting our existing setup.

      The 16 programmable keys have brought a new level of customization to our beverage service. Each key can be set to dispense a specific volume of fructose, allowing us to cater to a broad range of guest preferences with consistent sweetness across all drinks. It’s been especially handy during our peak breakfast hours, enabling us to serve perfectly balanced beverages at a swift pace.

      The machine operates in 1 ml increments, providing a user-friendly experience that even our newest staff members can quickly master. It’s also simple to clean and maintain, which is a bonus for our busy team.

      Since introducing this fructose machine, we’ve received numerous compliments from guests on the improved consistency of our beverages. It’s also sparked creativity in our team, who’ve enjoyed experimenting with different sweetness levels to craft unique drink offerings.

      In the highly competitive world of hospitality, the fructose machine has given us an edge. It’s not just a machine, it’s an investment in our commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences to our guests.

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