CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 110v


Enhance beverages with the CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 110V. Its double tank, 16 keys, and compact design boost your drink service efficiency.

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    Introducing the CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 110V, a dependable tool for quick and accurate drink preparation. This fructose dispenser is CE certified, assuring it meets high safety and performance standards.

    The machine’s double tank system sets it apart. It offers generous capacity for high-volume beverage service and allows for the simultaneous use of different types of fructose or syrup. This feature lets you expand your beverage offerings, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences.

    Equipped with 16 programmable keys, this machine makes beverage customization easy and efficient. You can set the keys to dispense specific volumes of fructose or syrup, ensuring consistent taste across all your drinks. This feature is a lifesaver during busy periods, allowing you to maintain quick service without sacrificing beverage quality.

    Despite its powerful capabilities, the CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 110V boasts a compact design that saves counter space. It operates on a 110V power supply, making it a versatile choice for a variety of service environments. The machine dispenses in 1 ml increments, providing a user-friendly experience and precise control over sweetness.

    Overall Dimensions:

    • Width: 14″
    • Depth: 9 13/16″
    • Height: 16 5/16″
    • Capacity: Double Tank

    Please note that due to the specialized nature of this item, availability and transit times may vary. Contact us before placing your order to ensure delivery timelines and stock availability. Also, be aware that this item may not be cancellable or returnable once ordered.

    The CE Fructose Machine Double Tank 16 Key 110V is a fantastic investment for any food service establishment looking to enhance their beverage service. Its blend of advanced features, user-friendly operation, and space-saving design make it a valuable asset in any beverage preparation setting.


    White, Black, Customize Color

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      Estelle Tran

      As a seasoned restaurant owner, I can attest to the transformation the Yucoo Fructose Machine has brought to our beverage service. The double tank system of this CE certified fructose dispenser has been a revelation, enabling us to offer a wider array of drink options with different types of fructose or syrup in each tank. This feature alone has significantly expanded our menu and allowed us to cater to diverse customer preferences.

      The 16 programmable keys are truly a game-changer. The ability to pre-set precise volumes of fructose for each key has not only streamlined our beverage preparation process but also enhanced the consistency of our drinks. Now, every customer enjoys the same level of sweetness in their chosen beverages, regardless of how busy our service gets.

      The machine’s compact design is another plus, taking up minimal counter space while delivering high performance. Its 110V power requirement and 1 ml increment dispensing make it both practical and precise.

      Since introducing this fructose machine to our operation, we have seen increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and even inspired creativity among our staff. It’s more than a machine; it’s an integral part of our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences. Highly recommended for any restaurant seeking to elevate their beverage service.

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